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Talent development strategy           Adhere to the "people-oriented" and "create first-class products, creating first-class staff, the pursuit of first-class quality policy environment, offer first-class service", the construction of talent team as the core of enterprise development, to establish and perfect the foundation of modern enterprise system, to further improve the enterprise's salary incentive system.           The establishment of talent, attracted, stay, go, do not stick to the use of talents of the employment mechanism, to career, people, feelings, people, treatment, keep people.           Foster advanced enterprise culture, create conditions, create a harmonious and comfortable life and work environment, and allow talents to have more room for development.           We will adjust and optimize the structure of talents, develop existing talents, train talents in urgent need, and attract talents from home and abroad as well as Guan Jian.           Personnel strategy mechanism           1, based on information management, to further improve the performance oriented performance evaluation system, the implementation of compensation system and various forms of distribution and the market's formation mechanism and environment to promote the development of talents;           2, actively promote employee training programs, focusing on the management team, scientific and technical professionals, skilled workers based training;           3, to shape a good corporate culture, with common core values to standardize staff's thinking and behavior, and establish good ideological and ethical standards and first-class work.           Personnel strategy objective           1, efforts to build high-quality, professional team of business operators, the formation of enterprise management team           2, we should strive to train excellent contingent of scientific and technological personnel, and build a contingent of highly qualified professional and technical personnel;           3, efforts to cultivate excellent marketing team, focusing on training knowledge, advocate company culture, dare to challenge young key staff, reserve reserve force for enterprises.           Talent concept           Qualified personnel is talent, innovation and development are excellent talents.
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