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Air temperature vaporizer

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 This series of gasifier is the use of air natural convection heat transfer of cryogenic liquid in a heat pipe (LO2, LN2, LAr, LNG, LCO2, LC2H4, LPG), so that it is completely evaporated into gas of a kind of high efficient and energy-saving heat exchange equipment, its main advantages are as follows:          
- no energy consumption, no pollution, green environmental protection          
- easy installation and convenient maintenance         
- special aluminum heat exchanger, efficient, lightweight design, long service life          
- special special 200 large diameter aluminum with s heat pipe, defrosting speed, inner fin structure, greatly improve the heat transfer effect of heat exchanger tube          
- "bridge" connecting element appearance, work to eliminate stress generated in different parts of the thermal expansion and contraction          
- heat exchange tube surface oxidation process special          
The optimization of process design in, the pressure drop to a minimum, no drift phenomenon, to ensure the flow control in the safety range          
Design margin - enough          
Composite technology
- advanced high pressure pipe, the pressure pipe and the heat exchange tube 100% full contact, ensure the heat exchange efficiency          
- all the gasifier in full accordance with the oxygen service standard for cleaning and manufacturing, the use of more security           - can design and manufacture according to the electronic grade standard          
- design conditions: temperature of -10 DEG C, relative humidity 70%, 8-12 hours of continuous use of gasification          
- Description: factors affecting the gasification capacity: work cycle, environmental temperature, humidity, altitude, wind, light, pressure, the use of adjacent buildings          
- medium: LO2, LN2, LAr, LNG, LCO2, LC2H4, LPG etc.          
- working pressure: 0.8-35.0MPa          
- single flow: 50-8000NM3/h          
Note: larger flow can be combined type
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